We produce a variety of hard and ice ciders.  Our ciders range from semi-dry, champagne style, bourbon barrel aged, sweet ice ciders.  We use a wide range of apples: Macintosh, Empire, Northern Spy and Roxbury Russet.  In the next few years, we look forward to harvesting heirloom apples from the orchard for hard ciders with unique varieties including Yarlington Mills, Kingston Black, and Wickson.  In addition to apples we grow 25 varieties of eating and wine grapes.  From these, the primary wines we produce include a single variety or a blend of; Marquette, Petite Pearl, St. Croix,  La Crescent, Frontenac Gris, Frontenac Blanc, Brianna, Swenson White and Prairie Star.

Our tasting room is located in the Maple Sugar House.  Please visit that page!